Day Trips

Casa de Tres Osos Guesthome is only 5 min from Urubamba. (shared mini bus (70 centimos) or motocab (5 soles) This lively little town has a vast choice of great restaurants, wifi cafes, world class desserts, the best local fruit and veggie markets in the valley, and small supermarkets with treats like Nutella, local potato chips and local wines.

This hard to pronounce spot is one of our favorites. You can easily travel to Ollantaytambo by shared mini bus (3 soles) or private taxi (40 soles). This town is is called Live Inkan Village and is one of the most spectacular archeological remains of Peru. From a monolithic peak platform to perfectly shaped angular stones, storage houses, the construction techniques are still a mystery. Ollantaytambo is the only Inka town still inhabited in Peru that has survived pretty much as the inkas laid it out hundreds of years ago, the houses still serving as homes which live the descendants of that great culture. (part of the Boleta Touristica)

Machu Picchu

The visit of a lifetime to one of the seven man made wonders of the world. You can easily organize your experience to Machu Picchu by train from house. The train station is only 30 minutes from our home. We can help arrange transport as well as and English speaking tour guide. There are a few ways to visit, through tour companies where all amenities are covered or venture out off the beaten path by booking your own ticket online ( or visiting the Santa Theresa hot springs on your way home. Book a train ticket from Ollantaytambo on Inca Rail or Peru Rail

This little bohemian village hosts many healing locales, great cafes and the well known tourist market in the city center open all week but even more expansive on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday. Find artisanal teas, homemade treats, even sushi on Sundays. Pisac is the largest fortress city temple complex of the incas, and one of the largest of ancient America. With its great expanse of terracing areas, crossed by paths in stairways, massive stone entrance doors, the ceremonial centre of Intiwatana or solar clock, military area, inkan tombs and several water canals. (part of the Boleta Touristica)


These mineral salt mines create incredible pink andean sea salt that can be found in high end restaurants around the world. Each pan is privately owned, and the local inhabitants channel salt water from an spring towards shallow pools and through evaporation salt is left on the surface, a process that hasn’t changed Inkan times. Entrance is 10 soles.
It is considered that this place was an important agricultural experimentation center during Inca Times. The Salinas and Moray can be reached by taking a bus from Urubamba and a taxi from there for the tour of both sites. Pack a lunch and sit in perfect concentric circles dug into the earth. We are happy to arrange private transportation for the afternoon for only 80 soles. (part of the Boleta Touristica)


The future location of an international airport, Chinchero is now a small, sleepy native town that hosts a large authentic textiles market on Sundays. This is the perfect place to find great deals on local artisanal weavings made of alpaca, llama and sheeps wool made using ancient techniques. This is an easy stop on your way to Cusco. (part of the Boleta Touristica)

Yucay Ancient Rock Paintings
An hour away you can find the Rupestres rock paintings dating almost 3 thousand years old. and pass inkan tombs along apu Saywa.



Little Church with a Valley View
Take hour long scenic hike past, largest still-working terraces in the valley, ancient irrigation channels & finish at a spectacular view of the valley. The hike is easy to moderate with some steep sections

Yucay Waterfall
Venture further from the house for a 5 hour round trip hike with the sound of rushing glacier water along inkan irrigation channels and end at a modest but lovely waterfall. This hike is moderate to difficult.


Pyramid Mountain
Take a bus to the other side of Urubamba and find a hidden trail that takes you traversing up a mountain shaped like a pyramid and end at a view overlooking the valley from the west.

Huaran Waterfall
A scenic waterfall is a relatively easy trek from Huaran which is a town 20 min away by bus.

Trout Farm

This is a stunning hike that ends at a fresh trout farm that serves daily made peruvian ceviche. Pass through a forested area that takes about 1 and a half hours round trip.

Camping in the mountains.

Talk to us about having a guided overnight trip deeper into the mountains.