Support a Dream.

We are a young couple trying to build something really beautiful and meaningful. We have used everything we own to start up a place that we think needs to exist on the travelers path. You can be part of a project that creates new options for a conscious traveler, has long-term vision of a new sustainable model, and gives back to its community.

Why Support Casa De Tres Osos

Lack of Options for Travelers

Most tourism is owned by large corporations that don’t have a personal touch. Travel historically existed for two major groups: the 18-22 year old gap-year tourist looking to party, or the 65-75 year old retiree needing luxury and relaxation. We’re seeing a huge increase of 30-60 somethings traveling for much different reasons—self exploration, adventure, and finding personal balance in a hectic, modern world.

Sabbaticals, spirit guests and longer-term travel are being sought out and encouraged to balance out a burn out existence. By donating to this house, you support the dreams of each person as they travel through Peru and have a refuge to heal, relax and be part of a supportive community.

Casa de Tres Osos is set apart because we are a neutral, open space where we personally help guide a huge range of people through the travel adventure. We like to think of ourself as a bridge between the bohemian and corporate world- grounded, educated, realistic but spiritual, emotional and conscientious beings here to help each other out.

How do we Give Back?

Long Term Plans

This project might just be much bigger than just a guest home. We see ourselves collectively purchasing the property for a new model in community living. Self sustaining, self supporting, social entrepreneurship is where we want to head. Every cent goes into the building and maintaining a property using ecological balanced principles made to share with each person who passes through the doors whether it is for a day, months, years or even a lifetime.

Community Involvement

We collaborate with non-profits to bring health, education, financial support to the indigenous communities here, knowing we are merely guests in a beautiful country with a rich but tainted history of exploitation.

We volunteer our time with orphanages, buy from organic farming communities, support small business, and donate items and profits to local indigenous organizations.

Feel free to reach to ask us about specific projects and how you can support what we are creating. Every single intention, warm thought and yes, dollar makes a huge difference in what we are doing.

Orphanage Volunteer

Organic and Artisanal Markets