The Casa

Not too big, not too small, just right. 
The perfectly balanced travel home that isn’t a party hostel or luxury hotel.

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Superfood Porridge Bar

Chia, maca, coconut, dried fruit, nuts, puffed rice, popped quinoa & quiwicha, dark chocolate, & 3 kinds of porridge, (even a gluten-free quinoa flake option) are ready every morning. This is in addition to the 2 eggs, bread, fruit, tea & coffee which are included in the price of the room.

Connect with Nature

Get off the tourist path & spend time connecting to the beautiful, untainted paradise that is the Peruvian Andes. With hikes directly from the front door, you have no excuse not to venture out into the ancient trails where you can see waterfalls, ancient terraces, inkan irrigation channels and rock paintings.

Cook at Home

We offer an incredible, fully-stocked kitchen, pantry and everything you need to prep for just 11 soles ($3-4) for 3 meals a day! Participate in our community by cooking a meal, buying groceries or donating the cost of food.This little social experiment helps us share the gift of breaking bread together.

Perfect Location

Get the benefits of being unplugged, surrounded by beautiful views with the bustling little town of Urubamba only 5 min away where you can get a 5-star meal, world-class deserts, and use wifi. We are perfectly central for trips to Cusco, Machu Picchu or the many ruins of the Inkans.

Our Story

On a sabbatical in 2013, Megan ventured through South America & Asia and found there were few options for a young professionals doing long-term, solo traveling.  The only options were loud, packed, budget, party hostels filled with 18-22 year old kids or luxury hotels for the retiree finally splurging on their life adventures.

There has been a new awakening of travel for the conscientious young (or not so young!) professional.  Burnt-out, needing inspiration, looking for the next direction, or a simply wanting some time and space to work on a passion project Casa de Tres Osos is the perfect balance for a long-term vacation spot. It is set in nature, but close enough to a bustling town; quiet & tranquil, but with the benefits of community; away from the noise of life, but inspired by ancient history and a filled with spiritual, soul-searchers.

Come recharge at the House of the Three Bears.


  • Inspiration 90%
  • Nature 100%
  • Healthy Food 70%
  • Comfort 80%
  • Relaxation 60%

Meet the Family

Megan & Eric

House Momma & Man of the House

We are a young, married couple from the states who left the corporate grind of rock & roll stage building, Fortune 500 marketing/design, and VC-tech, start-up world to have a quiet balanced life in harmony with nature. We found our passion in making this space peaceful, functional, and beautiful. Our mission is to make new friends, provide a homey vacation space, introduce folks to the amazing paradise of the Sacred Valley, cultivate a community that can really connect on things that matter.

Ted Krempels

Ted Krempels

Fancy Pants

This mutt of german shepherd, chow, border collie roots started his life in a Los Angeles shelter. He’s got fancy puffy pants and feather duster tail, with a permagrin that you can’t help but chuckle when you see it. He can be a little neurotic and skinny and sometimes takes time to warm up, but is giddy and awkward when you rub his belly and keeps us laughing with his humanness.

Chaska Girl

Chaska Girl

The Princess

This blue eyed beauty catches the hearts of all the boys. Her name in quechua means star and her white wolf appearance and super-soft fur makes her shine. She loves to nuzzle and be brushed. She is a fierce hunter but that toughness does take away from her princess demeanor. She can hang with the boys but keep her gentle femininity. She is a cuddle machine.



The Butt

A special rottweiler, not the smartest of the bunch on the surface, is the most lovable, cuddly, giant puppy you will ever find. He has loving, dopey eyes and has no idea how big he his. You might find him licking walls, running into things, stumbling around half drunk asleep or chewing bones. Watch out for his gassy butt when he wants to sit and cuddle with you for hours.